Espresso Machine – A guide to choosing the right Machine

How to operate an Espresso Machine

Espresso Machine, this is one popular kitchen appliance. 

Espresso Machine, this style of coffee making has gained much popularity in recent years. If Espresso is your favorite coffee drink then it’s time to get yourself a machine for your home. You can prepare many of your favorite Espresso drinks in the comfort of your home when you own your own Espresso Machine. 

Espresso machines are one of the most popular kitchen appliances. They have gained popularity in recent years. With one of these machines in your house, you can have your favorite coffee shop drink whenever you want, without having to leave the house.  

Coffee Machines like an Espresso machine can be very pricey and are also a big investment. The semi-automatic or super automatic machines and the most common machines. Both of these machines have their benefits depending on the amount of money you want to spend. Research the special features and benefits of each kind of machine before you make your investment. 

Espresso Machine – Semi Automatic

If you want more control in the brewing process a semi-automatic machine is the way to go. In home brewing machines the semi-automatic machines are the most popular. In about thirty seconds you can start or stop the brewing process. The semi-automatic brewing machines usually come equipped with a stem wand or frothing adapter for making cappuccino or other specialty drinks. 

A pressurized or a commercial portafilter come with most Semi-automatic machines. A commercial portafilter has a plastic handle and a metal holder. Coffee shop cappuccino makers are equipped with a commercial portafilter. In making the perfect cappuccino cup of coffee you need to get the tamp pressure, grind setting, and timing correct. It might take a few tries for this process to be perfected. 

Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine

A pressurized portafilter is fitted with a ring inside it to control the flow of water. When using finer grounds, the water will flow faster and slower for coarse grounds. The fitted ring will intensify the crema on top so you produce a better cup of coffee with less effort. You will not need to pay as much attention to the tamp pressure or grind or the beans with a pressurized portafilter. 

Espresso Machine – Super Automatic 

There are those people that prefer a super automatic machine because you can with the push of a button create the perfect cup of Espresso or Cappuccino. The super automatic machine on set up is pre programmed and its ready to start brewing.  When not skilled at brewing and you want a fast cup of coffee the super automatic can do it all for you. 

Super Automatic Espresso Machine

Espresso Machine – The Great Features 

There is a huge difference in the purchase price of Espresso Machines.  The Features of a machine will determine the price differences. The higher the price usually the more features a machine has. 

Digital Display

If you want to control many options on your new machine make sure it comes with a digital display. You can enter the energy saving mode or set the timer to shut off. The water level and amount of coffee grounds used are programmed to control the taste and strength of your cup of java. The temperature of the finished drink can be programmed.  There are even some machines that allow you to set the hardness of you water for your drink.

Bypass Doser 

This feature gives you the option to use different coffees. In using the bypass doser you can do without the grinding process and just use pre ground coffee for you drink if you desire. 

Adjustable Dosage

This feature controls the amount of beans to be ground. This feature can usually be set for 6 to 13 grams to be ground depending on the kind of machine you purchase.

Rapid Steam 

This feature when set will control the machine to go from brewing temperature to steam temperature in about ten seconds. 

Difference between machines

So, hopefully this article has helped to inform you a little bit on things that you want to look for in a new Espresso machine and given you an idea on what research you might want to do to know more about the new Espresso machine you’re going to buy. You can also go to to find an excellent Espresso machine and all kinds of supplies for you new adventure into the world of coffee. Enjoy