How To Make The Best French Press Coffee

French press Coffee

French press Coffee the most wonderful taste in coffee ever!!!

This Coffee is rich, smooth, and easy going. This is the taste of France in a cup of coffee. This is one of the most wonderful ways to make the most delicious cup of coffee ever. The French press is the coffee connoisseur’s favorite method to brewing the best cup of coffee.

When pairing this style of coffee with some crepes suzette, a fresh made croissant or by itself. You will be in a taste of French coffee culture paradise. If you have never had a cup of coffee to drink, made using a French press then you’ve never had an excellent cup of coffee.

What is a French Press Coffee Maker?

The first French Press was created and patented by an Italian designer named Attilio Calimani in 1929. This first press that was probably made in France was it’s rudimentary for which went through many design changes over the years. The original French Press which brewers would press metal or cheesecloth fitted screen and rod into a pot of coffee grounds and hot water.

Now the French Press is a cylindrical narrow beaker made of glass, metal or clear plastic. It comes equipped with a plastic or metal lid and plunger that is tightly fitted in the cylinder. The filter is nylon mesh or fine stainless- steel wire.

How to make the best pressed coffee?

First use whole coffee beans that is your favorite or the best brand possible. Grinding the coffee beans, yourself before brewing will make an excellent cup of full-flavored coffee. If you’re new to grinding coffee beans, do some research and learn the proper equipment and method to grind the coffee beans.

If you want every delicious drop of oil from the ground coffee beans let them steep in hot water before straining. It takes some practice to brew the perfect cup of coffee using the French Press but its worth the wait.

  1. coarsely grind your coffee, use fresh roasted beans for the best taste. Use one tablespoon ground coffee per serving. add grounds to the French Press.
  2. In a kettle boil the water and cool to 205 degrees Fahrenheit.
  3. Into the French Press pour about half the water. For one minute allow the coffee to bloom.
  4. Then add the remaining hot water.For three minutes let sit to allow the coffee to steep. If stronger coffee is desired let it steep longer.
  5. Then use the plunger and press gently with just the weight of your hand. Press as far as the plunger will go.
  6. Now serve immediately for the best cup of French Pressed coffee
The best cup of coffee

How to make Iced coffee with a French press?

If you want to make iced coffee after using the French press you will follow the same procedure to make French Pressed Coffee. Then chill the coffee in the refrigerator. After chilling pour the coffee over Ice and serve.

Coffee grind size?

When making coffee using the French Press. You set your grinder to grind the coffee beans into a coarse size. The course size is what is needed to properly use the press to make the best cup of coffee. To buy some of the best coffee beans in the world go check out our favorite coffee beans

How Much Coffee to put in a press?

Using the correct amount of coffee grinds depends on your tastes. The basic rule of thumb states to use a heaping tablespoon (7-8 grams) of grounds to a pot containing 200 ml (6.7 oz) of water. So about 3 tablespoons of coffee per one cup of water. You will want to experiment to find your desired taste for the best-flavored cup of French Pressed coffee.

How Long to let French press coffee steep?

The basic rule for steeping French Pressed coffee is too steep for 4 minutes.  This will produce a very robust brew. When learning to use the Press you will want to experiment with different roast of coffee grounds. To find the best taste using your press some roasts of coffee will need to be steeped slightly shorter or longer for producing the best tastes.

How do you use a press?

The rule to using a French Press to brew coffee, a coarse grind must be used to allow the press to operate correctly. A finer grind when immersed in water it will require excessive force to lower the plunger.

The finer grinds will also seep through or around the press filter and into the coffee. Finer grinds will usually over-extract and the coffee will taste bitter. So, when using the French Press always use a coarse grind of coffee.